Saturday, October 9th, 11:00-12:00 / Nagy Hall

SKAM! – Meet writer-director Julie Andem and the Noora characters from various adaptations.

SKAM, the world-famous Norwegian teen series has been a huge international success, with plenty of countries doing their own SKAM adaptations based on the original.

We invited the creator and one of the main characters to a conversation to ask them about the secrets of SKAM series successes and writing, and then about the sorting processes. The guest of Cinemira TEEN is Josefine Frida, Noora of the original SKAM and creator of the series, Julie Andem.

During the conversation, Hungarian fans will learn a lot about the behind-the-scenes secrets and inspirations of the series and, of course, the Noora character. We recommend that you watch Season 2 of Norwegian SKAM again before the conversation. We can’t wait to meet them!

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