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Pep (13) is completely in love with a girl from the group in his grandfather’s village, Sara Amat (14). On a summer night, Sara disappears, leaving no trace. After a while, Pep finds her hidden in his own bedroom.

She explains that she has run, he agrees to protect her and becomes her accomplice during the last days of summer, before they both leave the village. The boy is obliged to live a double life: he must lie to everyone while he tries to satisfy Sara’s demands that test him repeatedly and make him grow up in a heartbeat just before the end of the summer.

Laura Jou’s first feature film sensitively and reliably captures that important moment adolescence when a little boy becomes a young man.The unforgettable summer story is defined by the wonderful surroundings, the enchanting Catalan village where it takes place.

Spanish speaking feature, 90 minutes

  • Director: Laura Jou
  • Cast: Biel Rossell, María Morera, Francesca Piñón, Isaac Alcayde, Pau Escobar, Joan Amargós Awanesyan, Faye Kimmijser, Jeroen van Koningsbrugge
  • Country: Spain
  • Year: 2019

Life without Sara Amat is based on a popular novel by Spanish writer Pep Puig, premiered in its homeland in 2019, and then won the Audience and Critics Awards at the Barcelona-Sant Jordi International Film Festival and the Gaudí Award for Best Original Soundtrack. It was a surprise hit at the 2020 Zlín International Children and Youth Film Festival, where it was awarded the festival’s main prize, the Golden Slippers.

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