Adapt the most successful children’s books to the screen!

Get to know all about the most popular Hungarian children’s books ripe for adaptation! The Tales To The Screen meeting is open for the second time for directors, animation directors, screenwriters, producers and film students!

We selected nine best-selling children’s and YA books fit for the screen based on the recommendations of largest Hungarian publisher. The goal of the event is to introduce professional filmmakers to the these works and open the door for possible feature film or television adaptations.

Details of the event

Each writer has five minutes to present their works to the members of the audience. Next up is a 45 minutes long ‘speed date’, where individual filmmakers get to personally meet the writers and publishers who’s work their most interested in. The complete list of the presents and the summary of the works on display will be sent out to registered guest prior to the event, so requests for ‘speed dates’ can be made beforehand.

In order to attend, please register below:


Telefon: +3670556109


Millenáris Park – Nemzeti Táncszínház
Budapest, Kis Rókus u. 16-20

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