Italian comedy, 102 minutes, 2019,  For ages 12+ 

OPENING FILM: 2020 Winner of The European Film Academy’s Young Audience Award!

Jack dotes on his younger brother Gio, whom he believes has superhero powers—but the truth about Gio is a little different, as Jack discovers during his difficult teenage years in this warm family dramedy.

Jack always wanted a little brother, and when Gio is born, he believes his parents when they tell him that Gio is a superhero with amazing powers. As he grows up, however, Jack realizes that his brother actually has Down syndrome, a condition that Jack decides to keep secret in high school.

When the truth comes out, Jack learns that his brother’s energy, vitality, and unique perspective can indeed change the world—just like a superhero.

CINEMIRA would like to thank Istituto Italiano di Cultura Budapest for making the screening possible!

October 24th Saturday 16:00 / Main Hall

  • Director: Stefano Cipani
  • Screenplay: Fabio Bonifacci
  • Cast: Alessandro Gassmann, Isabella Ragonese, Rossy De Palma, Francesco Gheghi
  • Producer: Isabella Cocuzza, Arturo Paglia, Antonia Nava
  • Cinematography: Sergi Bartrolì
  • Music: Lucas Vidal


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