Cinemira TEEN International Youth Film Festival, Hungary’s only international film festival specifically for young people takes place on October 8-10th, 2021 . The program features 21 international and domestic short films and animations competing for the Golden Squirrel Awards.


For the first time, Cinemira TEEN International Youth Film Festival will bring the best international and domestic films for 13-18 year olds. The festival showcases quality youth films that represent value and address topics that touch on young people’s everyday lives, such as the first kiss, the end of high school farewell from friends, anorexia, video game addiction, or even independence from parents. The vast majority of the festival’s films can be seen in Hungary for the first time.

The pre-jury selected 21 films for the short film competition, including films from France, China, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, the United States and Hungary. Among the many, there is Pussy Boo (d.: Remi Parisse), Best International Short Film of the 25th SCHLINGEL Youth and Children’s Film Festival, Stephanie (d.: Leonardo van Dijl), which was first shown at Cannes Film Festival,  and Land of Glory (d.: Bori Nagy), which won the award for the best German short film.

Competition program for short films for teenagers

BLACKBIRDS / Emma Séméria / France
DISCO DICTATOR / Kőváry Dániel / Hungary
GUARDIAN / Pablo Arreba / Spain
LAND OF GLORY / Nagy Borbála / Germany, Hungary
LITTLE FLORIDA / Tim Bouvette / Canada
MOVING FORWARD / Christian Zetterberg, Liselotte Persson / Sweden
NUMBER 10 / Florence Bamba / France
PUSSY BOO / Remi Parisse / France
STEPHANIE / Leonardo van Dijl / Belgium

Competition program for animations for teenagers

AKWARD / Nata Metlukh / USA
ANYWHERE / Zsófia Osztós / Magyarország
BARDO / Fiorella Spitzer / Magyarország
BYE LITTLE BLOCK! / Éva Darabos / Hungary
CELL / Corentin Becq, Constance André, Salomé Chateignon, Yashwardhan Singh Jhala, Jeanne Fouques, Chloé Labat / France
CRISS CROSS / Caroline Hamann, Fritz Penzlin / Germany
LOVE QUEST / Cécile Despretz / France
MIGRANTS / Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, Zoé Devise / France
ROBERTO / Carmen Córdoba González / Spain
STEP INTO THE RIVER / Weijia MA / China, France
YOUR FRENCH IS PERFECT! / Julie Daravan CHEA / France